It Plays Music

That’s what it does.

A screenshot of It Plays Music on the iPhone.

A music app that has one job

It Plays Music is a simple music player for your iPhone. It aims to be the most uninvolved way to listen to your Apple Music and iTunes catalog. There isn’t much to it—and that’s by design.

For those who dislike stuff

Listening to music doesn’t involve a mountain of features. It requires music and ears. It Plays Music just focuses on that. The result is a notable lack of other stuff.

No strings, just music

There are no account sign ups, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases, no upsells, no notifications, no begging for a rating. The app won’t sell your data because it doesn’t collect anything. Pay once and it’s yours. End of story.

Want it? Then buy it!

It Plays Music is a simple one-time purchase. You won't be asked for a single cent ever again.

Download on the iOS App Store.